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June 27, 2020

Head Neck Shoulder &

Craniosacral & Face Massage Taster

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Maintain a relaxed breathing rhythm

First Understand Fascia

Now you have an understanding of the nature of fascia & tensegrity throughout the structures of our physical body’s you can look at your daily routine s with more clarity to predict what ajustments you should make before unballance overuse issues apear

To gain relief from overactive areas of your body, first we need to understand how the way we hold ourselves when static & dinamic, will influence how we feel.

Craniosacral & Face | Mixed Techniques

Practice on yourself so delicately that you only just feel it , avoid turning it into an itch in one sensitive area, support all around the structure then incorporate very soft rythmical movements with breath for best long lasting results and restoration in Ballance around each joint

Myofascial Release| With Props

Why relaxed breathing patterns

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