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Flow State | Optimization

June 17, 2020

When we

Incorporate flow states into our life

We get to experience, Timeless freedom, True unlimited power & boundless inspiration

Multi Video Playlist: Jason Silva flow wisdom

Flow|Hacking Talks

Challenge:Maintain Breath Rythem

Flowing Movements

When you challenge your centre of gravity and proprioception through dance extreme sports or or any unique training modality the near death experience of the situation increases our ability to enter flow states faster .

When the activity needs just a little concentration & feels easy enough you feel confident you could do it all day, that is the kind of action that brings the best results. When we experience the pleasure of continued achievement, our internal chemistry is perfect for our cells and the healing / regeneration / evolution prosses . With flow cycles in our life it massively changes our quality of life, internal chemistry & hormesis ,yes it feels as good as it sounds

Master Savannah: Relax/Recovery

Each step in the cycle is important, ensure you experience each & benefit from the full range of chemicals released during activitys by dedication to time in each step of the flow cycle

Love Every Challange

Ride the wave & plan your days activities around the activities that bring you the most enjoyment,

incorporate time in flow doing something you enjoy, something that you could comfortably do for prolonged time, yet just enough of a challenge that a part of your mind has to stay slightly focused.

Like a surfer enjoy every step of the process through the exciting peaks to the relaxing recovery as you review your progress, mentally prepared for the next challenge while overwhelmed by the chemicals of success & acheivment

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