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Statins, Ace Inhibitors & Flu Jags | Why avoid in 2020 | The Science

June 12, 2020

Do you have loved ones on Doctors most prescription drugs?


Are you a real Doctor?

Want to stop 2nd Covid wave?

It’s vital you watch & remember this

Watch this 10 MINUTE VIDEO to garantee understanding how these drugs impact users & outcomes during covid prevention or recovery

Please watch & invite your Dr to watch and consider .
skip to 3.29 if your are busy skip

Before thinking, unknown virus, reconsider what these drugs do & how you can help & save lifes

Like Dr Zack Bush asks above,

“Knowing this now,,, How will your Advice change ? “Starting this winter? ”

Will you swap these drugs now? Will you skip recommending a flu jags this year, will you push for higher focus on nutrition & lifestyle changes? ? ?

Drs, The users of these drugs might be to mind numb now to question you but will you follow your instincts over guidelines & bonuses, with the prospect of g.e.s.e.r.a coming into fruition this year bringging unimaginable advances in medicine with previously hidden technologies & new funding systems to ensure researcher s get paid each setep of the way encouraging global team work and rapid paradim shifts on you have a choice blindly stay on the pharmacutical path & it’s karma or start to treat people, recommend health guidance and enjoy knowing you are making a difference & improving the world.

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This 3 time board certified physicians approach to health has evolved greatly over the decade’s & the last few years Zach has been at the forefront of helping farmers get back to natural growing methods & global education in the fight against the harmful Monsanto food, and all the condition s that stem from glyphosate being used in commercial farming

Check out some of these podcast /interviews there more from Dr Bush about ,everything from soil science to the chemical power of love and other valuable emotional states

This website is designed to open people to there body’s Self Healing Wisdom, you will find information to support our holistic natural ability to heal and thrive when we remove/limit toxins & time in unnatural environments. You will love how you feel when we live within the Circadian Rythem of the earth again, regulating our biology and hormones through AM & PM sun exposure, fuel on real earth grown food, enjoy flowing movements daily & cultivating beautiful states of mind .With so many ways to enjoy returning to optimal health detailed here ,what area will you master first ?

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