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Cultured Raw Vegetables: DIY

May 3, 2020

Why use

Organic Formented RAW Vegetables?

To increase Health, through balancing Our Gut Microbiome

learn these Benifits & techniques

And make your own

Formented Food: D I Y

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Formented foods are great source of daily Vitamin C

Across the world many believe the Gut might be better labeled as our first brain, not only our 2nd brain . Understand epigenetics to realize how the kinds of food we fuel with will impact our mood, internal dialogue & outlook on life , ultimately are our cells currently in a safe environment to heal or should they stay in protective mode overwhelmed by environmental factors in the form of additives, preservatives, Animal products sweeteners etc?

Continued enjoyment of Formented foods give more nurishment to the benificial bacteria that makes up our gut flora, when our gut is fueled our outlook changes freeing us to experience emotions of happiness, forfilment & sucsess

Epigenetics also plays a part in gut health, regulate your nervous systems understanding of its environment to alow cells to move from a state of danger / protection to a state of healing & regeneration , this leads to greater regeneration and a more enjoyable outlook on life

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    Duncan Palmer

    December 18, 2020

    Explore this Awesome website full of links & recipes https://www.makesauerkraut.com/vegetables-used-to-make-sauerkraut/