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Covid19|Part 2| Immune System Boosts

March 20, 2020

Understand how to not be infected & how to reduce your viral load using

+Vitamin C (have high dose ready if needed, + Daily supplements)

+Vitamin D (Sun exposure +supplements if living beyond equator)

+Chaga Mushroom


Full pages on each coming soon

Each of these is a Video Playlist Collection to understand & share

Covid19 Safety & immune System Boosts. Video Playlist

My Preparation Protocol & why act now? Vlog

What’s our best outcomes @ this time?

First step Restore Circadian Rythem to heal

EXPLORE Video Playlists Bellow & Create actions that lead to optimal immune function, this speeds healing & improves Quality of your life on this healing journey & beyond

Explore Video Playlists below &


Power of supplementing Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Chaga Mushroom & Zink

How to smoothly ride the wave of flu style recovery before & after

Get an understanding of. . .

+ Sleep

+ Immune system

+ Lymphatic system

+Sun Exposure Benefits

+ Healing Audio

+ Grounding

+ Why increase your % of vegan fuels

+ Why enjoy some Raw food daily

+ Jamu Elixer Drinks Powerful medical Benefits

+ Epi Genetics intelligence

How & Why to make Jamu Tea for immune function
Meditations of Health
Breathing power
Immune System Boosts
Raw Food Benefits
Ayuraveda Introduction
Vegan ketogenic lifestyle opertunitys
Use props to mobilize lymph at home
Why AVOID Dairy?
Ballance you Gut for Physical & Emotional Health
Lymphatic system Boosts
Raw Superfood inspiration
Dr Sebi Mucusless Diet

Explore other topics

Sleep Optimization