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Why i Eat This​ Way?

September 4, 2019

What do I choose to eat?

When & where you grow, prepair & eat nutritious food is also important,

Know that “I am loving this journey, enjoying optimal health”

Over food, Use Questions & Movement ,Breath, Light & Grounding to Focus your mind to a point of future sucsess

Music’s gonna help

Life’s a game, past is done

***Own your commitment to change, Use language that keeps projecting you forward, Like. . .

This time next year / month. . .

“I’ll comfortablely be enjoying all the new foods I’ve found,,, regularly”

I’ll have replaced * with something I love even more”

“I’ll be sharing meals I’ve mastered with loved ones “

“I’ll have a system in place to easily sprout my own seeds, beans & Legumes”

Choose an eatting window in advance and ensure you only eat at a time you can mentaly connect with the food and your self to create more of a meditive ritual around the prosses

Brief Biology overview to understand, Why i choose RAW Nutrition to heal?

Understand Lymphatic System

Inspirational Raw Food

As Medicine

Understand Gut Health

Sun Light Benifits

Earthing / Grounding