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HEAL Movement Nutrition Videos

Natural Healing Techniques: ​Random Multi Video Playlist

October 22, 2019

Randomly pick 2 videos , there’s a good chance it will hold an inspirational message to empower your current progression

Continualy updated

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HEAL Movement Nutrition Videos

Fascia & Tensegrity

July 10, 2019

Perfect description from Rusty of the fascial system & how understanding it, can take our yoga practice & our minds into new realms of pleasure & healing

Fascia and Tensegrity: find more ease through tension in your yoga practice and life.

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HEAL Nutrition Videos


July 9, 2019

Gradually build into full water fast,

Get prepared & enjoy the journey

Explore the playlists below to know

All the benefits that fasting brings & why it feels so goodIntermittent Fasting…