Welcome to the 8th Day

Understand any areas of health you might have been neglecting, make a plan take action and review, tweak plan & continue

Its not that simple true, but the first step is just having the desire to understand health, and be open to realising most of us were raised on lies  & false data supplied by corporations who either didn’t have the best information or didn’t have your health & quality of life as there main objective

The internet is allowing us to explore and find the lifestyle that works best for us giving us the quality of life we deserve

This site is a collection of information that resonates with me, as a fitness professional for 17 years now its clear that most people have the best intentions but don’t have the right information thrive in this modern environment.

Explore various subjects, experiment for yourself and stick with what works for you, the hardest part is the first step in testing something new when you feel the evidence for yourself its easy to replace habits when the new habits make you feel so good

Like the caterpillar, it cant even comprehend flight but once it becomes a butterfly there is no going back. You might not remember the bliss of just feeling good but when you balance your gut, hormones and are able to move freely again you’ll never go back

its an exciting time if you commit to testing some of these ideas and embark of the journey that leads to to know the feeling of total human optimization