March 2020

HEAL Nutrition Videos

Covid19| Safety & Preparation | Part1

March 20, 2020

Stay focused on creating

An optimally Functioning

Immune System

And enjoy Beautiful states of mind

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Covid19 – Immune System Boosts

More options for your next step

HEAL Nutrition Videos

Covid19|Part 2| Immune System Boosts

March 20, 2020
Strategys for staying healthy during 2020 pandemic. Multiple Techniques for preparing body & mind to comfortabley ride the wave while your immune system deals with the virus
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Beautification of the Mind | Alan Clements Meditation Retreat | Bali

March 5, 2020

Six Day Retreat Live

Two three hour Dhamma talks where recorded live each day during this powerful meditation retreat

Ubud Bali, Dec 19

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