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Cold Exposure

October 24, 2019

Overcoming any danger is empowering

Regulating tempreture could be classed as a stress

Overcoming a stressful near-death experience & staying relaxed in that environment leads to benifitial adaption

Cold & Breath are our greatest teachers

“Wim Hof”

Master Breath Rythem & smoothly enter the Ice water

Ice Pool Smooth Entrance | Master Breath First

“I don’t do it because I’m a masochist — I do it because there is nothing that can change everything in your system like a radical change in temperature.” — Tony Robbins (Business Mogul)

Can Cold water reset Fascia?

How dose cold help us master new movement patterns?

Remember: Sun Exposure during your Cold Thermogenisus Mastery

Wwe.JackKruse.com . Amazing resource

Whatever lifestyle you have, creating the ability to regulate your emotional reaction to hormone messenges from the environment is priceless.

Previous stress are now simply a relaxed hurdle

Once you have came face to face with real danger and the internal chemicals that flow from that, then you have context to receive the messages in hormones then you can regulate your reaction to situations , ballanced internal biology adapting & dealing with any Challange with ease my am

Useing continual, flowing, relaxed breath leads our nervous system to adapt even further , regulating tempreture to survive

Regular exposure to cold, has the body do some amazing feats to make us effective in this environment & the empowering effects are felt instantly

Mindset in the ice

Tune your focus with extreme experience

Take a 5 min mini mix into your next cold shower

Little Extra motivation to focus through

Mitrocondria understanding



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