Depression Breakthroughs

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If your hormones are balanced & you have no desire to improve the quality of your life, regular emmotional state & increase the time you get to enjoy in flow, Then skip this page, understand the healthy things that are working for you keep doing them

My morning opinions today

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Powerfully slow and smooth , exhail & trust

Relax , Breath

let the inhail flow in free & effortlessly, , , & trust

Know you are here to learn love grow & adapt and so much more along the way


When you need to leave your head & think from your heart

You will always have the

Power of your breath

Get comfortable riding the waves loving the journey, know when your up soon you’ll be down and if your down tust that real soon you’ll be at unimaginable hights

Just don’t continualy chase highs from culturally excepted vices & stimulant’s like Coffee, Sugar, TV & the chemicals food company’s are seeking into most supermarket food to influence your choices .

Find related Video PLAYLISTS Bellow

Find related VIDEO PLAYLISTS bellow

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Help your Lymphatic System Cleansing

Why is RAW Food so Healing?

Sun lights Hormone Chain Reactions

Why is SLEEP so important?

Fruit Berry & Mellon Cleans

Vegan Keto Fast Cleans

Check out the 8 Paths to Waking Up Fresh & Energized

Also Important to understand effects of. . .


Lymphatic System

Immune System







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