Waking with Passion & Healing Faster

HEAL Movement Nutrition Videos

Help loved ones Create Habits around these 8 key habits for Healing & Outstanding Mornings

We can Kickstart our bodies into Healing states we enjoy

The mindset we start our day with tunes our outlook on life, for the the whole day, Start with Focused mind = balanced hormones, win everday

Gift our main systems with the fuel they love & avoid receiving confusing hormones signals that can leading us into bad habbits

The labels you have given the environment dictates the function of your nervous system, you are either trapped being tortured or gratefully free loving the journey learning healing & growing

1: Why, Questions???

Loaded Questions instantly take our mind where we chose it to be!

Our main aim here is to trigger pleasure emotions & motivation to get up to follow through on our great lifestyle choices

Use loaded Why Questions, As the greatest hack to inspire action in the right direction?

Repetition with questions lead to us becoming very clear on the answers & create our true focus

Eventually this time will become very natural, morning s are an exciting time when your know your day is full of enjoyable activities

Images and mantra are great triggers as they are so easy to jump into your mind and change your focus & state

Depending upon your personal development level you might want to focus in more detail first thing but starting just staying clear on your character & a loose abstract reminder of goals & loved ones is a simple boost to master first

2: Face Movements

Face movements

Smile feel experience

Start with tiny movements leading into full comfortable range of movement

Slowly & gently move your face into variations of a smile, energizingly loosening your mouth in every direction

Small circles smoothly with eyes.

Take jaw Side to side to release around our ears and temple

Whatever feels right in the moment, just enjoy it

3: Water / Cellular Hydration

Water Hydration

Replace all the lost water from night time use instantly

Just a mouthful will have you thinking clearer instantly

Giving adequate hydration our nevious system will stay in healing parasympathetic mode and keep regenerate us

Dehydrated hormone signals are often confused with hunger When you wake hungry it’s often a sign you need salt, ate to close to bed or had to big an insulin spike from your last mealbefore bed

Once we are up we can progress onto Hymilian Sole, Rejuvalac, Acv Water, Lemon Water, Macha tea etc

4: Energizing Small Movements / from bed

Movement small energized vibrations

Helping nutrient packed Blood, Oxygen & lymph flow around brings us a major brain boost

Start Slowly, Small, easy, gentle rythmical flowing movement, Support your whole body as you charge energy into your toes & fingers to begin

5: Breath / Exhail fully

Exhail Breath

Fully exhailing slow & smoothly will ensure we can fill up with fresh energizing nutrients while strengthening our diaphragm

Relax into a rythem where you can complete the breath & smoothly transition between loving Exhails and Inhails

6: Morning Light / Multi Gland, Eye & Skin Exposure

Sun light

Photoreceptors in our eyes and glands react to the frequency of light in the environment.

Morning light from our Sun causes a chemical Cascade of hormones, telling our bodies how our biology sould be , based on the time the signals lead us to change from a resting sleep state into vibrantly alive waking state ready to enjoy the day

7: Earthing / Grounding

Simpley touch the earth

Merge with it’s charge

Decrease inflammation before it grows

8: Sleep / Real Rejuvenating

Following the sleep rules

Will ensure you wake up fully Rested & not hungry with the right biology for the time & location

Wake Fresh | 8 steps to energized Mornings

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