Start with Intertmittent​​​ fastin​​​​g

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June 24, 2019

Before embarking on any treatment protocol, I highly recommend exploring intermittent fasting.

This will give you the skills to develop new internal dialogue and a more powerful loving relationship with foods and nutrition

When you are able to eat within an eating window and not be at the whims of hormones misunderstood as cravings, this skill is easily transferable into all future endeavours especially disease treatment protocols or simply to improve the quality of your life daily .There is many labelled kinds of intermittent fasting explore them all I recommend starting with simply deciding when your last meal is!

From there you learn to incorporate new internal dialogue. Our minds always offering us instant state changes based on extremes we have previously enjoyed, eating is a fast easy way to change your state & marketing companies are now speeding this prosses with there logos and slogans. Communication-based around the answers to questions around which food next, more food when are in the consciousness of everyone who doesn’t have a grip on there place within this advanced biological system, MAYBE incorporate answer like “no thank you, I have all the nutrition I need for today I will be eating again tomorrow, proceed to use all fuel stores to Recycle, Repair & Regenerate, Flow into ketosis & burn fat if more fuel is required” having an answer like this on-call, ready-to-use in these first evening times when start exploring intermittent fasting, this very powerful tool is priceless & well worth preparing exact language that will empower & resonate with you
When you have comfortably develop the skill and deciding no more food today regardless of hormones or environment then we can proceed. deciding your eating window in advance before starting to consume food is very important, several foods lead to hormones and ultimately emotions that could influence your decisions deciding your eating window and what you will be consuming in advance will take away the challenge from intermittent fasting
The more preparation you can do not just on your meals but on your environment where are you won’t be what music you will listen to what potential entertainment you Will consume and the time you will go to bed also it’s nice to have a plan of action before going to sleep disassociated from electronics perhaps writing a journal asking questions or a gratitude meditation to remain clear why you are going through this and staying clear on all the amazing benefits you are receiving, this planning makes life much much easier and will let you just said back and enjoy the ride,It’s amazing how many people fight the sleep hormones with foods and television rather than embracing the wind down process and smoothly moving from electronics into darkness and the beautiful sleep.
Ideally we don’t consume foods 3 hours prior to sleep,as long as we are in a stress free environment and the digestion process finishing, this ensures human growth hormone and other sleep related hormones are in the bloods ready to produce the cascades off chemicals to take you comfortably through the evenings Repair and Rejuvenation prossess 



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