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Simple Fat & Keto Understanding

June 6, 2019

Before changing anything, my only desire here is to give your the evidence that fat is an awesome fuel & our quality of life is improved when it’s used correctly.

Raw = Ultimate Health .

Raw Vegetable Sprouts, Seeds, Beans, Legumes, Dark Green Leafs & Formented Vegetables are all nutrient packed, fuels rich in emzimes, protein packed Rejuvinational Super fuel for life & recovery .

Through eatting some Raw food we are able to access all the nutrients & immune boosting reactions when eaten .Being raised on these balanced fuels leads us to an outstanding outlook on Life, Relationships & our Environments, on these fuels our minds & Guts thrive . I share all this because health misunderstanding lead people into seeking Drs assistance & 99% of the time given Western Medicine to dull the symtoms ,even thow this path has its own side effects taking us even further from healthg me and my familys lifes would have been very different had this understanding been comion knowledge in this socsiety.