Why Move?

April 17, 2019

Why enjoy rhythmical flowing movmemnts ?

First See it, Feel it, Enjoy Doing it

Why do people choose to keep Moving?

Habitual Gentle Movements Will. . .

  • Clear lymph -Detox
  • Balance Hormones
  • Instantly feel good
  • Blood flow aid
  • Emotional wellbeing boost
  • Disassociation from stresses
  • Fascia lengthening
  • Fascia Elasticity
  • Balance increase
  • Deliver Nutrients
  • Create Energy

Understand the structure of our body and sling systems to gain controlled comfortable constant

Flowing Movements



Fascial Mobility Restoration

Fascia & Tensegrety Multi Video Playlist

If you currently have physical restrictions

Start with Powerfull Visualisations with focused Breath

so many options of what movements to start with , check out this visualisation playlist and free from language just imaging the feeling that come from these enjoying these movements

Balance challenges, & Myofascial release from Small Balls & Rollers is a great first step to Physically feel great all day long, enjoying small movements as we start to spark life back into a sedentary system

Self Myofascial Release

SMR Balls: Deeper Understanding

Barefoot Activities Even Better

h1 Test

h2 test

H3 test

h6 wild card test

normal test move test



8th Day VR
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Holistic Coaching Drs Resorce for the cares on the front line. Gamifing Health <br><br><br><br><br><br> JUMP STRAIGHT TO VIDEO PLAYLIST SECTION To find Small targeted lifestyle adaptions that will massively improve quality of life, for you and everyone you connect with. “Be the change you want to see in the world” Test out these healing pathways so you can give a personal opinion to anybody you share with to help them on there journey Share these video playlists to give others a deeper understanding of why they currently feel how they do & to introduce them to potential action plans to get them back to optimal health and hormeses